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Our mission is to provide 100% FREE hospitality for individuals in critical condition, as well as family members and caregivers. The experience includes 24-hour breakfast and refreshments, a hot dinner in the dining common area, and Shabbos and holiday meals in our warm, home environment. 



LevLA’s facility features a full kitchen, a library, a dining room, and private bedrooms. Rooms are accessible by a private entrance and include an en-suite bathroom. Both privacy and a supportive environment are ensured for guests. Applicants must meet our eligibility requirements.

Los Angeles


Shlomo & Galit Horowitz are conveniently located just 3 minutes from the heart of the Pico-Robertson Jewish center and walking distance to shuls like MBY and Chabad SOLA.

5 min to Kaiser Hospital

10 min to Cedar Sinai Hospital

20 min to UCLA Hospital

25 min to Children’s Hospital LA


"Immense gratitude for your generous hospitality.

Our time here surpassed all expectations. It became a sanctuary for rejuvenation."

- Gabi & Bronya



We live in a world where so many people need help and there are simply not enough people to offer it. One couple in the heart of Los Angeles is working to break that paradigm by dedicating their lives to caring for others.


Meet Galit and Shlomi Horowitz, who have put their own savings and loans into creating a hospitality home for people who cannot afford accommodations in proximity of the world-renowned hospitals that Los Angeles boasts - Children’s Hospital, Cedar Sinai, UCLA, and more.   





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